Hey, if you’re thinking of writing a post saying literally anything on wasteof.money anywhere, think to yourself before posting if you sound like you’re doing this while the teacher isn’t looking:

(if you can’t see the image https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thumbing_one%27s_nose is a good enough approximation)

Mar 27, 2024, 2:11 PM
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can you stop pinging me pls

bro wth is the name of that image lol

I can't see the image…

why the ping?? are you calling me a kid? what’s going on lol


That’s no better than a playground taunt, all you’re saying is “other kid stupid doo-doo head”.

I was saying how Lily is the only person who would start a debate in the channel? Are you even in the server?? If you were, you would realize that there isn’t actually any arguements going on there, and there prob won’t be unless lily joins.

I don’t doubt that there are no arguments going on there, what I’m saying is that saying lily would start a debate is an insult, not criticism that would actually be worth anything.

???? fuck off mate i’ve told you a million times i don't want debate bros on my posts? why the fuck do you think i’d be starting shit if i never have?

@cheesewhisk3rs @dertermenter @dood @esben @og @silly @_zrop_

And to a lesser extent, @oren (Maturity post was mostly good, but you’re getting dangerously close to returning to your old self there) and @lily (I can see you’ve improved on this somewhat, but you’re still sounding like this a concerning amount of time)

(I will point you to what I saw that made me put you in this comment if you ask)

what did I do?

Actually I should’ve put @dood, @esben, and @og on their own line

Ah well I’ll just ping them here to make up for that

@dood @esben @og @dood @esben @og @dood @esben @og @dood @esben @og

I did something you didnt like? Please tell me what is was.

Actually, taking another look at what I thought was this, you made actually meaningful comments afterwards, so it’s not really too bad. I have seen you do this kind of thing in the past, though, so keep this in mind for the future. (I’m not including past controversies here (although it would be funny, since that would include jeffalo of all people somehow) since it would not be worth my time)

like what? i don't think chatting shit about people is (this happens a lot)

like I said, please tell me what I said so I can improve. criticizing me would be helpful if you told me what I need to change.

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Took me too long to write this I should be included in this list



What did I do?

I was actually debating whether to include you or not, but this still counts https://wasteof.money/posts/66031b5278e0ba38328697db, esepcially with the “Interpret that as you wish”. Also the image is not exactly this but it’s similar enough for this post’s purposes: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thumbing_one%27s_nose

Why did you post this exactly?

Recent posts make it seem to me that we have managed to not only devolve from discussion to kerfuffle, but somehow made the next step down from kerfuffle to mockery. I don’t want my feed to be filled with increasingly annoying neener-neeners, so I’m going to stop it and point out how childish it’s getting before it gets worse.

I was trying to summarise my opinion on the drama with that post, it wasn’t directed at anyone specifically. It was supposed to remind people that being annoying is something you can choose not to do but in retrospect the wording was terrible. Sorry if it seemed like it was implying something else.

sorry abt that i wasnt really trying to be a part of this kerfuffle (i really hate being a part of controversy) i will do better

you didn't do anything minus getting annoyed at the vast quality reduction in posts on this site which is completely valid

i was defending you on the discord which ppl seemed to get mad about

that’s what i’m referring to when saying “chatting shit about people behind their backs”

like the discord is more private than the site itself. you go there to talk about like the website itself, not people on it (not naming names about some of the people i’m referring to)

just to clarify i’m not mad at you, i’m actually glad about that, just clarifying that that’s what i mean - there shouldn’t be interpersonal conflict on the discord, that’s not what it’s for.

almost none of these pings (even @dertermenter to an extent, he was pretty respectful for the most part) seem to make sense with the above post, especially @silly. i also agree that oren hasn't been starting drama recently, and i haven't ever. is saying you don't want to use the site because it makes you feel like shit a bad thing? are you just naming everyone who has participated in a drama? in that case i would agree, no one should feed the trolls (many names here, some not), but it's hard not to if they're forcing you into it (like with me and silly). i can definitely understand a few names here though. there are a lot more who aren't listed here. all round, this list is doing fuck all and is making things worse. you aren't the monarch of maturity on this site

I honestly agree with this I disagree and don’t condemn some of your actions but I do think some of these pings is unnecessary, overall people who have started yapping into the drama have just made it unnecessarily worse imo

i wouldn’t say i was forced into it although i could be misremembering

I haven’t been in any drama this is sort of my first taste of it I didn’t even do anything though?

yeah i was thinking you were one of the ones who didn’t really do shit

This is some of the most shameless flaming I’ve seen on this website Jesus Christ.

@cheesewhisk3rs @dertermenter @dood @esben @og @silly @_zrop_ @lily @oren don’t listen to this guy. He’s being more immature and antagonistic than any of you.

Thank you for that!

Please stop mentioning me in posts/comments about the drama…

What do you see in my post that makes you think that?