No way

No fucking way

My teacher just used a trigger warning for food. 💀


TW: humans being

anthropophobia is real

Trigger warning: oxygen



if we say what we think we’re gonna be in trouble lmaoooo

What's so bad about it? Even if you find it annoying, it might be protecting someone else who does actually need the warning. Just because you don’t understand something made for disabilities doesn't mean that it’s ridiculous or stupid.

it’s not that people don’t understand, it’s that people need to grow a pair and not be so sensitive to everything. if they’ve had a problem with food or whatever, that’s a shame (i’ve had an eating disorder!!!) but yeah this is stupid, being triggered by discussion on food is pathetic (you need to stop being so sensitive and fucking grow some balls)

please censor your Es or add a trigger warning im begging you

TW sorry i forgot hopefully you won’t have a heart attack

Its not that the average person needs it, probably less than 0.1% of people need it, but it helps a lot for those few who do (usually people with some form of severe anxiety or other disability), just because they are a very small minority does not mean that sensitivity to their issues is ridiculous.

Are you trying to stir up a debate…?

I just wanted to share my thoughts. I think i need to be vocal about this stuff so woke agendas don’t become a norm

Fair - although the wording isn't exactly showing that. Sorry for assuming that.

i´m even more allergic to people who say woke and agenda in the same sentence without joking/talking about netrunner

I hate to generalize (doing so goes against empirical thinking), but language like that communicates to me that they are just borrowing the opinions of their parents or their conservative news outlets.

That’s why I try to task people like this to think, on their own, why they hold certain attitudes towards these subjects. Why do they appear so bothered by certain practices they characterize as “woke”? I’m genuinely curious what reasons they have behind their thinking, and what their goals are with criticizing these practices.

And I don’t mean to say their attitudes are baseless. People have reasons for everything (or I would like to believe that they do). I just want to know their reasons for being so strongly opposed to certain things, because their present comments are not informative enough to me.

Don’t you think it’s worth considering how you reacted to this situation? It could be said that plenty of people in the class did not care that the teacher incorporated a trigger warning. You do seem to care, though—enough that you felt compelled to express your frustration here. Could it be that you are also sensitive to comments that seem to disagree with your values and beliefs?

What is bro waffling about 💀

Let me reiterate what I said to you:

Earlier you mentioned, “people need to grow a pair and not be so sensitive to everything.” To me, it seems like you are not acknowledging how your own reaction is indicative of sensitivity, too. I want to understand why you think your emotionally-charged response to trigger warnings is not the same as someone being offended by a subject that triggers them. You suggest that people should not need to implement trigger warnings for “sensitive people,” but why should people need to avoid trigger warnings for people (such as yourself) that are so bothered by it?

It seems like you feel strongly about this subject. Why? You use some emotionally-charged language to describe proponents of trigger warnings: “you need to stop being so sensitive and fucking grow some balls.” Is there a reason why you responded with such loaded language?

You just wrote an essay psychoanalysizing someone because they said food doesn’t need TWs. It doesn’t get more chronically online than that.

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nobody’s with you here mate

Two words: Don’t care.

I don’t need people on my side to have the right to inquiry.

Fucking ridiculous

“fucking ridiculous” is when you tell people what’s in a post before you open it

what? no, that’s an actual thing

so what

that’s totally reasonable

“totally” is very much a huge stretch

not at all

i think being polite enough to not jumpscare people with stuff they don't want to see is reasonable

Maybe re-read my reply? I was asking why it is “totally” reasonable (as you said) - I don’t think it is very common in any society to use warnings for images or verbal descriptions of food.

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