should i post the forbidden hetzner yuri image on here


damn that's crazy

damn that's crazy

damn th

I can't unsee that 😳

why do I like this

ur gay perchance

join the wasteof girlkisser gang,,, join us,,,

yuri jumpscare

for context cloudflare and hetzner wanted to take down a fediverse instance because of this image

oh that makes more sense, i thought this was just any average image of this kind

why?? (you know what I'll google it)

im sorry WHAT

epic drama, very bad person wanted to get back at their ex (fedi instance admin) so they false reported it as CSAM, hetzner threatened to cut server access because they´re dum

thanks wuilly for being respectful 🙏

you’re welcome

ok now what

ME: opens waste of also me: sees THIS


i need unsee juice

just say you're homophobic

thatd be false because im not

(also, just to make it extra clear - that comment was sarcasm, but i guess i just wasn’t clear on that)

mb i’m shit at detecting sarcasm cause i’m autistic

nah its fine, i shouldve made it clear that i was sarcastic because i occasionally use unsee juice jokes unsarcastically

my apologies on that as well

ive done worse things


and then sent it to @zr

most comprehensible toaks comment

Idk how to feel about that tbh