what are your opinions on people having accounts on wasteof for the pure purpose of advertising their own website that is a direct clone of wasteof?


i don’t think anyone does anything besides mock the said app soooooooo…

Yes, sur.

Amazing. We should encourage this.

proxy is only here to sell us vpns

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I think they should be allowed to exist and people will deal with them personally

it's pretty annoying honestly, but also funny as fuck sometimes

Personally, it’s a huge nuisance. There are only about 4,000 users registered on wasteof, with even less of them active frequently, so advertising on wasteof is kind of pointless. In that, it kind of only serves to annoy users and clutter their feeds.

jeffolo: *doesn´t opensource wom so that people don´t steal it without credit*

balze: *copies wom look with a goofy website builder instead*

Our first anniversary is in a few days. We did not even recognize its existence until 2 months ago, when we created our account via wasteof. Those who have used wasteof and Blaze would know that we are 100% different in looks, functions, features, and the website itself.

They’re fine. If they’re worse than wasteof nothing will really happen, if it’s better than wasteof, then that’s great!

I ship them with wasteof B) (as a joke, but it doesn’t have to be ;) )

it’s cringe, makes them look whiny and desperate. on one hand it’s kinda funny to dunk on them but on the other they serve zero purpose and are technically bad for the site as a whole. I wouldn’t be opposed to banning them but quite frankly it’s not really that deep

ban them

i beg you

no don’t they’re funny

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