for the past while i've been working on a website that uses the new Google Gemini Pro Vision model to roast/rate you. i think it's pretty cool, and my family does too. if you want to check it out (please do!) you can go to if you are worried about privacy, you can be assured we do not save images. if you are paranoid and still don't believe me, i open sourced the code on my GitHub - anyways, i would much appreciate if you looked at it, and if you want to share your rating, please feel free to repost or comment the link to yours below 👇. i would also be really happy if you shared it with your friends and family! thank you! :)


4/10 😩

Overall: You need to put more effort into your appearance and personality. But you have potential!

What you can do to improve: Clean up your room, iron your clothes, and get a haircut. Try talking to people more and be more confident. Smile and have some fun. Find your own style and don't be afraid to express yourself.

My room is a mess but I didn’t know that affects my appearance lol

I uploaded a photo of me and I got a 8/10 :D my highest factor was rizz (9/10) but it lowered the score because “the background was very distracting”

Whereas my friend (who actually has rizz) got a 1/10 rating on rizz

it gave me a 7/10 overall which i’d say is pretty spot on but a 5/10 on the funny scale which is grossly inaccurate

Can confirm lol

lol nice

I think I got the ultimate roast because when I tried to upload a picture it said it was inappropriate and wouldn't give me a rating ☠️

lmao, I don’t get to decide that. if gemini blocks it, I can’t do anything about it. perhaps try a different picture?

Yeah I did try another and it worked lol, I presumed it was on Google's end. Was funny tho because the image I sent originally was just a picture of me, not inconspicuous in anyway lol

it told me that i look like i’m about to rob a store (i’m wearing a black sweatshirt) and it said I have 0/10 rizz and that i’ve never spoken to a girl before (several of my friends are female). it also said that i have zero style. overall score for me: 2/10. i love this website so much.

The bot doesn’t like hoodies as it gave my outfit a 3/10

Interesting, if you submit the same photo twice, the results varry. Idk what my overall score is because It said “we couldn’t get the correct results”

of course year, I’m not submitting the photo to gemini with the temperature as 0 every time. it just try again if you have troubles…. sorrry

this is the funniest thing ever take all my personal pictures i got a 7/10 for my 2020 self and i am very entertained by this

lol thank you :)



realizes that it is still not available in canada

it seems cool tho

unfortunate! thank you :)

uh it should still work right since radi8 is hosting their own instance

8/10! I was expecting something much harsher, but it was actually quite nice and just told me to get a better background and angle! I like it :)

Lol, I was randomly digging around through ones I saw - is this yours?

yeah lol that was the second one I did cuz I wanted to see if it would give me the same rating

omg I just did it with my outfit and it gave me 9/10 I feel so slay

This is a really good site btw

thank you so much :) it really means a lot

I put in 3 pictures and got 8/10, 7/10, and 9/10 :lightskinstare:


now to make a reverse program to generate images out of roasts and feed them into each other.

that would actually be pretty easy