Dear Community,

I must come forth with a confession that burdens my conscience. Recent events in our community, including what has been referred to as the "skibidi takeover," were orchestrated by me with a singular goal in mind: to prompt the moderation team to shut down the site, forcing us to step away from our screens and touch grass.

Through the creation of alt accounts and the fabrication of personas like "dertermenter" and "dood," I engineered a narrative designed to sow anger and escalate tensions. The character of "lily" was a pawn in this scheme, employed to worsen conflicts and drive the community towards chaos. I used supporting characters like “radi8”, “raery”, and “duolingo” to boost my plan.

However, despite my careful planning and manipulation, the desired outcome was not achieved. Instead of prompting a shutdown and a much-needed break from our digital realms, the result has been nothing short of a failure.

What's more, I regret to inform you that the repercussions of these events went beyond our virtual realm. Several users have confided in me that the heightened stress and anxiety caused by the turmoil within our community led to unfortunate accidents, including instances of individuals so consumed by the drama that they involuntarily soiled themselves during a math exam.

Going forward, I’m resolved to learn from this experience and seek alternative means to foster positive change within our community. Let us use this moment of reflection to reaffirm our commitment to empathy, understanding, and mutual respect


Oren “The Skibidi Rizzler” Lindsey

Mar 22, 2024, 5:01 PM
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I can confirm that I am (probably) not an alt account of oreb

i can’t believe dertermenter was you all along11!!!!1!! wow it’s so real legit no clickbait11!!1!!!!!

Okay, but it’s crazy how we both have the same nickname.

My other nickname is Oren “The Main Character” Lindsey

ok but do you love ny?

Skibidi dop dop yes yes

This skibidi information has resulted to me breaking my montior. I am super sad to hear this. Why could you ever do this.

SHIT i forgot to add the errplane account

craziest plot twist in history

damn it's a entire scheme..

The tangled threads of conspiracy are coming into view

The Oren’s were the friends we made along the way

I'm also Oren

@oren I have multiple question

Quit talking to yourself

Joke or no?

Nah, I knew that dertementer was oren lol, I didn’t say anything, but it was soooo obvious

You already knew???

Yeah, It was obvious if you look at the small details, and then oren confirmed it on discord, he told me not to tell anyone though.

That actually makes sense now

I am also an alt account of oren

I didn’t see this coming tbh

Me neither

i, too, am an alt account of oren


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